Happy as Myself

Yesterday I reread one of my favorite talks from President Ezra Taft Benson called The Faces of Pride. Its become one of my favorites because it has a perfect balance of seriously rebuking me into humility while also being filled with so much love and kindness I just feel happy when I read it.

I had never thought before that being prideful would cause me to have low self-esteem, but it really does.

The proud depend upon the world to tell them whether they have value or not. Their self-esteem is determined by where they are judged to be on the ladders of worldly success. They feel worthwhile as individuals if the numbers beneath them in achievement, talent, beauty, or intellect are large enough. Pride is ugly. It says, “If you succeed, I am a failure.”

If we love God, do His will, and fear His judgment more than men’s, we will have self-esteem.

Here's a reminder to myself and to all of us. Comparing myself to the success of others does nothing good for me. Typically I compare my weaknesses against others strengths and that isn't really a fair measuring rod!
A southern phrase that I'm adopting quickly is "don't be ugly". Its mostly used by moms towards children who are speaking nasty not nice things about others. Ugly words do us no good. And there will be no ugly thoughts about myself or others thank you very much!
I learn the most about how to ditch that pride when I study the Book of Mormon. As summer camp wrapped up last week I wondered what I'd have to write about next. A good friend of mine is searching for some help and meaning in her life and since I find it in that blue book I suggest she try it too. Her search for understanding is going to pay off in future blog posts for you! Are you excited?
That answer better be yes!

2 sweet messages:

Hermana Morgan Dodge said...

This was perfect for me today. I love you and miss you! your posts are the bomb! Have the best day ever and always remember that your cuz in Utah loves your stinkin guts!!

Alexander Barton said...

"Don't be ugly"—I love it. I think it was Mother Teresa who said "If I judge others I have no time to love them." We waste a lot of time criticizing ourselves and others when we could just be serving and loving and being kind toward everyone.