Something About Time

My brain likes to hold song lyrics in it.

News flash right?

The ones that have been cycling through recently are to a hymn called Improve the Shining Moments

"Time flies on wings of lightning we cannot call it back, It comes then passes forward, along it's onward track. And if we are not mindful the chance will fade away, For life is quick in passing tis as a single day"

There's also some Steve Miller band floating around in there but that can be saved for another time. My dear sweet companion just informed me that I have 23 Saturdays left on my mission. And it's sinking in mighty fast how short 6 months really are! I'm not quite sure what a wing of lightning is but I know my life is flying on one.

Sister Tauoa and I were on a long dusty road in the middle of nowhere Kentucky last night and we were talking about the differences between fast paced California life and laid back Southern living.  It makes me ponder how I'm really making use of those seconds I've been given.

There is a scripture that pretty lays down the law simply about the purpose of life

I know that if I'm keeping God in mind and making choices that lead me back to Him then it doesn't really matter what the pace is that I'm going at. So I may have 23 Saturdays left, but there are 6 other days in the week and lots of good that can happen in all of them!

This post isn't all mega thought out and prepared. I just wanted to share some thoughts. Share some back?

Later skaters,
<3 Sister McCall

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:cassia marie: said...

hi girlie! i was in kentucky this morning, we're in the middle of a move. it's actually much prettier than i thought. i'm glad you're taking advantage of your time out here! it's always during a move, where you're stuck in the car for days on end, where time just disappears for a while, and you talk with those you're closest to... backs and bums might be sore at the end of the day, but hearts can be happy if you decide to make the most of it! :) enjoy your next 6 months!