What It Means To Be Sisters

First off, forgive the Fijian for pulling a face. She makes it so often that it is officially stuck that way. Please don't tell her parents.

Second, at a quick glace we don't look like sisters at all do we? How could the three of us possibly be related? Well you see our bodies might all look totally different and we're from far away magical lands like California, Utah, and Suva, but our spirits are all from the same place!

We are soul sisters (even more than Train sings about). Our Father in Heaven just didn't let us get to meet up and realize how great we work together until recently. This quote from James J. Hamula helps me remember that we have an important purpose in life. Our Heavenly Father saved so many great people to come forth in this generation so that we can work for His benefit.

"Reserved to come forth in these last days and labor for our Father and His Son are some of the most valiant and noble of our Father's sons and daughters. Their valiance and nobility were demonstrated in the pre-earth struggle with Satan. . . .

". . . You are those who chose good over evil and who exhibited 'exceedingly great faith' and 'good works.' And because of your personal history, you were entrusted to come to the earth in these last days to do again what you did before—to once again choose good over evil, exercise exceedingly great faith, and perform good works—and to do so in behalf of the kingdom of God on the earth and your fellowman!"

That's something worth pondering. Go out and embrace the camera and your potential!

2 sweet messages:

Boni Lady said...

Sometimes, soul sisters are closer and more cherished than blood sisters! Praise God you found these ladies to share life with!
Happy {embrace} day!

Sister Bishop said...

I love this post! It is a truth that no matter where life takes us we have something in common with those around us and a peace of comfort and identity can be ours never to be taken away.