Grab a Merit Badge!

If you're joining in with camp feel free to snatch up one of these badges so you can wear it loud and proud on your own blog!

Get Your Gear Ready!

So first things first my little campers! We've got to get our supplies together. I've made some modifications because at first I was thinking about making this all summer long. We're totally going to get burnt out if that is the case. Camp will be held only in the month of June. Whew! That makes life easier for ALL of us and will give us something exciting and different to look forward to in July and August.

The greatest thing about a camp for the soul sleeping outside in a tent! Wait, just kidding. Some people like that. The real great thing is that the packing is minimal. Please bring with you the following:

*Scriptures (If you don't have your own go to and we'll get you a free Bible and Book of Mormon!)
* A journal/notebook/whatever you like to write in
* Your favorite pen
* A few stickers
* Double sided sticky tape
* Maybe some crayons
* An open heart <3

Remember to register by leaving a comment and invite your friends to follow along! If you have suggestions or things you'd like some help with send me a message at

Now Presenting:

I need a challenge this summer. Something to keep me on my toes with my soul's growth. I can't be the only one down here on Earth who sometimes feels stagnant in study time! Are you out there people? Or is it just me? To battle the boredom I'm developing a plan. My schedule for the next three months will be a "Spiritual Summer Camp" complete with camp songs, survival skills, first aid, maybe some s'mores, and swimming in the missionary approved deep (no actual swimming for me). Anyone who would like to join me can "register" by leaving a comment. My plans always seem to work out better if I know that someone is in it with me. If you participate perhaps you'll even earn a merit badge!

The courses are still being outlined in my head but the main idea is that I will post what I've been working on and share some study tips that I develop. I tend to write more regularly and with more enthusiasm when there is a theme going on and I hope that y'all enjoy the fireflies and magic that I hope are going to happen!

I Got It From My Mama

A goal for the rest of my life: take more pictures with my mommy.

In a furious hunt for a mug shot of the both of us to slap up for today's national holiday there wasn't much to pick from! I scrolled through pages and pages of facebook pics and vivid memories of college came flooding back. But where were the pictures of my family? It is true that I have lived away from home for a long long time in a galaxy far away (Idaho and Kentucky count as different galaxies right?) but that is no reason to neglect the people who mean the most to me for forever. My mother is the best I could have ever asked for. She is an example to me of Christlike living. The woman never stops serving! Sure we have had our share of screaming crying "you just don't understand" fights and all, but those are far outweighed by crazy memories, late nights eating too much sugar, and special spiritual moments. A mommy's job is to prepare her children for the eternities. Want to read the job description? It's right HERE

Not all moms are the kind that carry us around in their womb for 9 months. I was blessed to have two women in my life to celebrate. And apparently I'm equally bad at taking pictures with both of them! My dad married his wife when I was 9, she was 21. Granted we didn't live together but her influence in my life is everlasting. She is so hardworking, determined, ambitious, and I love to see how amazing she is with the 2 beautiful babies that they are raising now.

I think it's easy on Mother's day for those of us who don't have children of our own yet to be discouraged. I know that there is no greater calling in life than the responsibility of raising precious children. But you and I, my fellow members in the "waiting-for-the-day-the-babies-come club", we still have the same calling. We can be good role models for teenage girls we know. We can play with our friends babies (and give them back when they cry). We can love widows and widowers in our community who's children are far away. We can be a sister to someone who is lonely. The call of motherhood is not given to us when our uterus pushes out a human. We are women. And we uplift others!