Time To Pack Up

There comes a point when it doesn't matter how much fun you've had playing in the dirt, swimming in the lake, getting sticky from s'mores or weaving baskets out of pineneedles. Eventually it comes time to wrangle the tent back into its bag and load up the minivan!

Thanks for coming along and joining me in this project. It didn't really turn out as perfectly structured as I would have liked, but that wasn't the purpose. We can't be expecting perfection right? But I hope all of you that have been camping out know that you've been in my thoughts and prayers as I've tried to share things that I hope will be a blessing for each of you.

Keep your lamps burning my friends. Even though we're wrapping this series up it doesn't mean it's time to put the scriptures and journals on the shelf until next summer (because I'm planning on trying this out again). Keep up the study. Keep sharing with me what you've been learning!

And hopefully...keep coming back. Because the writing sure doesn't end here. Russellville is bringing us lots of adventures to talk about.

<3 y'all

Sister McCall

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