Gus, Don't Be An Incorrigible Porccupine!

Have you ever watched Psych? The most addictingly-hilarious-but-family-friendly-tv-show ever in the history of the world? Well that should be tempting enough to make you start watching it. In early 2011 my parents succumbed to the pressures of Netflix. And our lives were changed forever.

We would spend every night curled up on the couch with Shawn and Gus (and sometimes our friends Ben and Jerry would join too) for some good laughs and mommy daughter bonding time. I keep hearing claims over and over again that tv time detracts from the family but watching things together has lead to a lot of bonding time!

So you might be at the point where you're thinking "Sister McCall you have seriously detracted from the purpose of your blog. Go write this on your other one." I promise I'm not.

In one episode the all knowing Gus picks on Shawn for a bit asking him if he's ever even read from the Bible. Shawn's response is "Yeah of course I have! You know....Genesis, Exorcist, Leviathin...Doooooo the right thing?"

Oh dear.

The main reason I wanted to share that moment is to share that in my Old Testament reading I'm finally to Doooooooo the right thing! Whew! Numbers is over (which he somehow left out...)

I track my reading on a handwritten chart and I was thinking about making a printable version so you fellow readers can mark your own progress. Leave a comment if you'd like one!

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