My Own Sacred Grove

This blog is becoming a place for my confessions. Yesterday while I was sitting at my desk to study I caught myself in an all too familiar dazed state of half sleep. This time with a little puddle of drool. Yes. Embarrassing I know.

My time in the morning to study from the scriptures is so sacred and special to me and I know that its the foundation a happy day is built on, but I keep catching myself with the drool face over and over again!

When I had meltdowns in the past (read basically all through high school and college) my mom would always start with asking me this question, "Have you been reading your scriptures and saying your prayers?"

And I'd make and angry grunting noise and growl, "Noooooooooo".

Shouldn't that have been the hint for me to start? Probably. I mean, yes mom. You were right.
Life's a bumpy ride no matter what, but the days I'm drool free in the morning it's like my emotional shocks are in good shape. (The analogy queen strikes again!)

Here's the way the set up should be, no saliva included.

How do you keep yourself chipper and focused when you study the scriptures? I'm willing to try out any suggestions. (And another shout out to mom, yes I'm getting 8 hours of sleep)

When I consider my study space I want it to be a place where my mind can be solely on the spiritual. I like to think of it as my own sacred grove. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the sacred grove, it is the small forest where as a young boy in 1820 Joseph Smith prayed sincerely to God to know what church to join. And he didn't just get a one word answer. He had a world changing experience. And this is the teaser trailer for it. To find out what really right here!

2 sweet messages:

Sister Franson said...

Dear Sister McCall,

I love reading your blog, and I envy your creativity. You make me want to have a beautiful study time in the morning! I have found a new love for using the study activities found in Preach My Gospel. Some of them may be cheesy, but they do provoke good spiritual thought!

rebafan2001 said...

I was thinking of you the last little while. So much has happen in my life that I can't wait to share everything with you. But I'm waiting until you get home and on facebook again. Keep up the good work of the Lord. Miss you and always praying for you.
You're biggest fan in Idaho Falls.