Day One

Time to take roll and get all excited to be here!

Just so y'all know: This camp isn't going to be a "sit-back-and-enjoy-what-I've-written" kind of a thing. You are joining in on a big ole chunk of personal growth time and it's going to take effort! For day one we're going to set some goals. What kind of spiritual change do you want to have over the next 4 weeks?

First homework assignment: Choose one of the following talks and read it.

Vision to Do   or   Desire

Now that you've read a bit and hopefully been a bit inspired, make a list of who you want to BECOME. This is not a bucket list or an array of things you'd like to do. This is the kind of list you really can never check things off of because you'll be working on them for your entire life. Like "be a good mom" or "be kinder to people" or "be a scholar of the scriptures".

Next, take a look at the coming weeks and plan in time specifically in your day devoted to your soul. I know you think you're swamped. You probably are. Lets face it, life is BUSY. But we take the time to eat right? We take the time to check facebook. We find ourselves in cozy socks snuggled up on the couch watching reruns of I Love Lucy (wait, that might just have been me). But friends, our souls are starving. They need us to feed them. Plan ahead. That's what's going to make this awesome.

I'm stoked that you're along for the ride with me. Will you leave a comment to let me know you're fully on board? And with that comment, will you share at least one of your "become" goals? Y'all are great. Lets do this!

4 sweet messages:

Kristen Ellen said...

I read Vision to Do. So great! I just want to develop better habits around prayer and study. So one of my goals is to pray morning and night on my knees, not laying in bed or while I am driving in my car, but on my knees morning and night.

Kimber said...

I read Desire and I want to become a person that follows through. I have great intentions and then get bogged down throughout the day. I'd like to be able to follow through with one good intention today, two tomorrow and become a person whose life is full of service and not just good intentions.

Alexander Barton said...

Your blog is really great. I love it! So creative.

CoolMormonKid said...

I am on board, Sister McCall! This is Ian Hudson FYI! I told you I would join! :-D!! I want to become a more inspiring spiritual person!