Mail On Mondays

So campers how did day one go? With missionary schedule it's not realistic to expect a post every day from me, but I'll try to get in at least three a week. That leaves the other days of study time up to you. Right now I just have a few short minutes to get some e-mails sent out to mi familia. Tomorrow's post will be about prayer. Kristen I really got excited when I saw that it is one of your goals to have more focus in your prayers!
Today I just have a few rules to share. These come from Elder Quentin L. Cook and they were the standards his parents had for him growing up. I hope you will use them for yourself as well.

1. You must always have a goal
2. You must always be doing something to attain that goal
3. Your goal can change at any time.

My scripture reading idol and favorite scripture teacher ever, Brother Jared Halvorsen shared that with us at institute (bible study) last week and he also gave out this handy little booklet to keep #2 going. Print one out, fill in the blanks and lets measure some progress!

Your homework today is this: After reading for at least 20 minutes in the scriptures write a letter. It can be to yourself, your dad, a friend, someone who you haven't talked to in a long time, me ;) anyone! In that letter share some of the things you learned during your study. How will you apply what you learned in your life? Sharing what you read will help you to have a better understanding and it will also encourage someone you care about! Report back with a comment after you have SENT the letter (unless it is to yourself, then just tell me that you did it).

2 sweet messages:

Kristin said...

I haven't read your before post yet and I'll have to get to that today. I spent three hours yesterday writing you a very long letter and I'm lettered out now, so I'm going to count that especially since I took my package to the post office a little while ago, so consider my letter written and sent. It was a good churchy testimony one too!

CoolMormonKid said...

I wrote the letter to myself! Go me =-P