Thursday Thankfuls

Guess who's been keeping up on her gratitude challenge? ME!
Since I've written the past few days in my journal I'll share today's list here!

1. I am grateful for my new companion Sister Karen Jasper!! You better believe it when I say there are some incredible memories to be made this transfer! I'm thinking about making a new blog page for missionary words. Like transfer...
2. I am thankful for a lap full of warm puppies. It was a few weeks ago that this picture was taken, but Sister Valentine and I talked a lot about how wonderful pets are because they just love you no matter what you're going through and they don't sass you back! Best listener award goes to our pets!

3. I am grateful for sticky notes. I've written about how much I love them before. Aren't they just a clever idea though? A little piece of paper that has glue on it so you can put it places for reminders or just little happy notes. I always vote yes for leaving sticky notes!

4. I am thankful for crunchy leaves to step on. Fall in the south is incredible! I grew up in Northern California where it is green all year round and it is so beautiful to see swirls of yellow and red and brown leaves in the wind. LOVE IT!

5. I am grateful for Trader Joe's tomato sauce that is waiting in my fridge to be eaten for lunch. (You know I had to get some kind of food squeezed on this list somehow!)

What are YOU thankful for??

2 sweet messages:

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that the Lord is helping me to lose weight. 15 lbs already..... Grandma Marilyn

Katrina said...

I'm grateful for pianos.
I'm grateful for books.
I'm grateful for sleep.
I'm grateful for pictures.
I'm grateful for M&Ms.
Each of these help me relieve stress (something I'm still working on being grateful for...)