Faith, Hope, Charity, and Parker

"Mom I'm not screaming the song! I sing it as loud as I can because I just love the scriptures so much."

So a few weeks ago we had the Primary Program at church where the little kids all get up and sing songs and say little parts about the scriptures and bear their testimonies. Charity here stole the show with her enthusiasm about the scriptures! I couldn't get over how adorable it is that she loves the song and the scriptures so much so we had to go back to their house and have her sing it just for us!

Confession time. These may be my favorite kids ever. My first warning about going to their house was, "the Nash kids have absolutely no idea what it means to have personal space". It just might be true. Shhh!!
One night we taught a lesson about the Tree of Life, a scripture story found in the Book of Mormon. We had each member of the family draw the tree and their family around it, representing being together forever!
Isn't their artwork great?

This family is so wonderful because it is easy to see how much they love each other and the Savior because they show it just in the way they are all of the time! They've also added a new Christlike attribute to the scriptures. Every time I read verses about having faith, hope, and charity, Parker gets added in now.

Nashes are Forever!!

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melody said...

Wow!! That is the nicest blog post anyone as ever written about us!! You all are the best and we love you sisters so much!!!!!!