Be Happy!!!

Photo Montage Time!
It's no secret to those that followed my non-mission blog that I love finding silly/cute/pretty/weird pictures on the internet. Today's theme is HAPPY!!
Sister Jasper and I have a goal for the next 6 weeks to CHOOSE to be happy. Life is all made up of choices so why choose to be a downer?

I hope a few of these little fun reminders help you choose to be happy today!
Love ya byyyyyyee!!!
--Sister McCall

3 sweet messages:

Carmichaels said...

Here's a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don't worry.
Be Happy.
Don't worry, be happy now


Anonymous said...

I made those minion cupcakes for raya's birthday!

Sister Elle McCall said...

Oooh Sarah I bet those were so cute!
And Camilla I was totally thinking that song when I wrote this!