I put post-it notes everywhere! When Sister Warwood and I go to visit someone and they aren't home we always leave a sticky on the door with a little message. We also love inviting people to read passages of scripture and we'll write them on sticky notes. This website Things We Forget always gives me a little inspiration and its like an internet sticky!

I like this one because we have been talking about enduring to the end a lot in our companionship study. I set big goals and have my sights set on big things because I know some day I can make it! My super big ulitmate whole reason for living goal is to return to live with God some day!
Everyone can have that goal and everyone has the potential to make it! Leave me a comment with your address and I'll send you a real sticky note reminder of your divine worth!
I love y'all!

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The Soul Anchor said...

Oh what a cute idea! I think it's so important to let people know in little ways how much they matter. I use post it notes a lot too.... they're all over my desk!