Music Heals The Soul

Just watch the video. My words won't do it justice.

3 sweet messages:

Brooke said...

Music is something so universal. I have heard people scoff at people who study universal arts- music, dance, photography-. Language can only communicate limited amounts of information whereas the arts hold the power to convey so much more across all borders of communication. Art is a form of expression that is so important in that aspect. Many more people can be reached through a mural on the street than one speech, given one time, herd by one group of people who may or may not have absorbed the message. Art is more tangible and flexible. All arts carry mood. It contains life if you let yourself see that life.
Such a powerful post. I hope you are touching so many people with your artistic abilities I know you have inside of you. :)

:cassia marie: said...

they constantly played this in the byu bookstore when i was working there (and they probably still do...) that i tuned it out after a few times. it was good to see again.

i have another friend on her mission as well, actually in england funny enough, and she and her companions will feel inspired to sing hymns all the time. those people are always astonished and ask things like "how did you know i needed that?" or "how did you know i'm going through this?" etc. it's amazing. the Lord knows what He is doing :)

Eva Marie Mobley said...

Wow! Alex's story was heart touching. I could almost feel myself going down that path with him. Such an inspiration to have nothing and keep trying without giving up faith or hope. What a great example for us to follow!