Pray Often

In the past 4 weeks I have learned the immeasurable importance of prayer.

I have always understood that prayer is a connection between myself and God but I think as I've used it in the past it has been out of duty rather than love. In 8th grade I started a habit of praying before I went to bed each night and I wouldn't let my tired body fall into bed until I had at least said a tiny prayer of thanks for the day. I formed a habit of always kneeling at night to pray, but I don't think I was really communicating with the Lord.

As a missionary we are given guidelines for our day and before every meeting or planning session and in every lesson we pray. Prayer establishes a connection between us and God. It is how we build our relationship with Him.  How can we expect to know someone if we don't take the time to talk with them?

My relationship with my Heavenly Father has been strengthened as I come to realize just how much I need the Lord's guidance in my life each day. The words "pray often" no longer mean each night and morning and before most meals. Every time I think "hmmm... maybe I should pray about this" I do. I know that as I continue to heed to those sweet promptings that the Lord will trust me and I will come closer to Him.

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Sister Brittany Nestman said...

"Pray often" really does take on a whole new meaning doesn't it. What's helped me is keeping in mind that He is a person. We can, and should, talk to Him exactly the same as we do with others.
What do you think was the key turning point for having your prayers go from a duty to a loving conversation?

Alicia Marie said...

Dear sweet Sister Elle, I am so looking forward to reading about your journey! Thank you for sharing this message about prayer. I think it came at a time in my life when I need to start praying more often. Thanks again!

Brooke said...