Loving Prayer

I am so excited about the response that I have gotten about this blog so far! In a few lessons that my companion Sister Warwood and I taught I stopped and thought to myself, "wait, didn't I just write about this topic on my blog?" It's awesome to see how the preparation I do in my own study is exactly what I need to share with people later in the day.

Sister Nestman asked me a great question about my post on prayer.
"What do you think was the key turning point for having your prayers go from a duty to a loving conversation?"

My understanding of God's commandments changed when I realized that perfect obedience isn't just about doing what I'm told, its the attitude that matters as well. Growing up I was always a "why" questioner. I didn't do things until I knew how it would benefit me or what the importance was. I'm sure I drove my parents crazy. The good thing is that I usually did what I was asked. It's after doing things that are asked of us that we recognize the importance. Like showering.

Um yes. I was a disgusting child and I hated taking showers. I'm pretty sure my parents would take us to the beach because that was the only time I felt gross enough to want a shower. But as I grew up and realized the wonderful blessing of cleanliness in my life (ie., people would actually talk to me because I wasn't stinky and dirty) that I enjoyed getting clean and ready in the morning.

Following God's commandments works pretty much the same way. When I told myself as a 13 year old that I was going to pray before I went to bed each night it was because I knew I was supposed to. It was the way I knew I could start good habits. I don't remember the first time I received and answer to a prayer, but I do know that when I really poured my heart out to God and entrusted the deepest feelings of my heart to Him that I felt His presence in my life. I knew I wasn't alone.
That recognition that I was praying to get to know the feeling of the Holy Ghost and to let the Lord know that I wanted His help is what led me to love and cherish the time that I spend to pray.

Has anyone else had experiences with prayer that they would like to share?

If you want to find out more about prayer, check out this website!

2 sweet messages:

Sister Brittany Nestman said...

Oh my goodness do I ever! The turning point for me was when I fuly understood that I was talking to a real person. Prayer wasn't me talking to God, but WITH my Father in Heaven. When I grasped that concept, prayer being a conversation, my life changed.

Katrina said...

Before my mission my prayers were literally no longer than a couple minutes, if I was lucky. I always thought long prayers were just for show or a bunch of babbling. Since being on the mission, however, I have come to understand that prayer really is a communication with our Father. When I started to realize that I was actually talking to God and that I could tell Him anything, my prayers become longer and longer. I find myself having so much to tell Him and having this immense desire just to talk with Him that sometimes I don't want to stop. Those are the moments when I really feel His love for me.