Ready Bubby?

I've been working on a plan for August and I'm so stoked for it to start! My whole time I've been out here I've been taking pictures of church signs. When I was headed out to Nashville over a year ago I was talking to one of my friends from high school who had lived out here. She told me that I'd be in shock with how many churches there are. She sure was right! Every single corner in any town down here in the south has a church on it! I guess the signs are in an attempt to attract people to what is going to be preached the coming Sunday.

I've taken all of those pictures (plus some other little signs that promote faith in Christ) and I'll be posting one EVERY DAY in August! Granted not all signs are created equally, but there are some pretty awesome ones mixed in. Hope you enjoy my collection :)

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Devin said...

Sister McCall! I just had to tell you that Caitlin's sister, Lindsey, is going to the Nashville Tennessee Mission in November! She's going Spanish speaking so she won't get to the mission until January. I don't know how much longer you have out there, but it made me so excited that you'll be same-mission buddies!