Dry Your Eyes. Let's Catch Some Fish.

One year at camp I was pretty miserable.  It was just a few months after I had graduated from high school and I was a nut because I didn't realize how blessed I was. My family had just spent a month out of the country and there I was at camp and then I'd be going on one more vacation before heading to college in the fall. All I could think about was how no one understood what I felt like and life was hard. WELL DUH. Tell 17 year old me that the same is true for everyone.

Its still even hard for 23 year old me. Last night I cried myself to sleep. Twice. The first time was on the couch because I was tired and sweaty and worn out. The second time was when I woke up on the couch in the dark scared because I couldn't figure out where I was. I think crying is a natural part of camp. It happens to little kids who like me last night can't figure out where they are. It happens to older scouts who think they can find their own path in the woods and get lost instead. And if sure happens to counselors who just don't know how they can help their little buddies out with the tasks they are trying to overcome.

So on those notes I'd like to share my completed homework assignments from the craft cabin.

I need this reminder up on the wall to tell me "You get to choose to be happy!" This morning I could have very easily stayed in my bed for a few more hours with a fear of getting up and facing another day. But I sure didn't like how I felt last night. So why would I choose to subject myself to that again? I chose to be happy instead.

Have you made your quoteable reminder yet? Send 'em in so we can all enjoy them!

Things look different around here don't they? Thanks to the awesomely incredibly talented Michael Ann for the blog redesign!!! It was time for a fresh start don't ya think?

2 sweet messages:

Maria Warwood said...

I am so glad you chose to get up and be happy. You overcame your fears. What a great sign of faith in the Lord! Its make me want to choose to be happy too.

PS Your blog is beautiful!

Carin said...

Love, love, love the new look Sister McCall!! Gorgeous and most fitting! Plus, Love, love, love the new photo!! Way to go Sister! We all need a good 'ugly' cry, as my friend would know the one where your eyes are all puffy and your nose is red and swollen. Way to get it out....much better than eating your sadness (which is where I tend to go). I'll work more on getting that ugly cry right! Way to buck up little camper! :-)