Listen up campers. I've heard some unfortunate news from the counselors. They told me that you're not getting along very well with others. They've seen it in the mess hall and during campfire time. When it's worst is at night in the cabins. Bunkmates start chatting and some things have been said that aren't very nice.

How many of you right now are like "Sister McCall, really? We aren't actually at camp. And you're the only counselor. That southern heat is really getting to your head". Well maybe you're right. But I wanted to bring up something that's been on my mind lately (and it was a request from one of your fellow campers). I tend to be influence a lot by the people around me. In fact, I spend all of my time with two other missionaries and we're at the stage where we use each other's phrases all of the time. We also have plenty of time to talk.

Pause for a second and let me do a flashback.

I've had some serious gossip issues myself. I can blame it on old friends all I want but the truth is that this girl hasn't always been the kindest person. I'm asking God for His forgiveness for that one almost every day. It's so darn easy to get hung up on the faults of other people and to talk about things that are driving me nuts or just that I thought were funny. It didn't help that I also got obsessed with the TV show Gossip Girl. I think it perpetuated my nasty habit.

When I realized how not nice I am and that it was holding me back from friendships that I didn't even know could be so great it became time to change. Want to know how I did it? I just zipped my mouth up like the front of that teal tent up there! What would our relationships with others be like if we just used mental Velcro and held on to our thoughts a moment longer? That is a definite Christlike attribute that I can always be improving on.

So this is turning a bit more into a "lets be nicer" rant than a challenge to develop spiritually. But trust me, when we each learn how to be a bit nicer to one another we're all going to be following the commandment to "Love our neighbor". And I want to help you live the commandments!

Will you be nicer to the people around you today? Will you bite your tounge for a second longer and think about what you're saying...if maybe you would't say it right to that person's face?

And since you've been so attentive and life is sweet...have a s'more.

"Want a s'more?"
"How can I have more if I haven't had any yet?!"

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marisaj said...

How much do I need to practice this! Thank you for posting this! I loooove you!

Hermana Morgan Dodge said...

Mental Velcro- A classic. This was so good!!!

CoolMormonKid said...

Loved it!