I've promised a few people that a post would be coming about journaling and what do you know, I'm once again at the library with my notes left at home.

What I will share today is something that I wrote in one of those journals I forgot to blog about. When I was making a list of reasons I was happy am on a mission and the things I think I'm sacrificing to be here I had a realization. I left behind an ok life to experience a fantastic one! Lets face it I wasn't exactly the most dedicated person 6 months ago. My biggest determination was that I was going on a mission, not necessarily staying, but I would go.  Now that I have actually taken the opportunity to lose myself in the work and service for others it's turned into something that I love and I see the importance of sharing my faith with less hesitation when I'm in "the real world"

“We have to forgo some good things in order to choose others that are better or best because they develop faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and strengthen our families.” -Dallin H. Oaks

Today a part of me might be wishing that I could be sitting at a sewing machine making fancy schmancy blocks for a quilt or listening to music with my brother or cooking with my mom and grandma for the holidays or laughing at some weird thing my little sisters said but in the eternal scheme of things my dedication right now to others is going to bring greater happiness for them and for my family! This one is for y'all back at home!

3 sweet messages:

Carin said...

Great Post Elle!! Love it! Welcome to the world of growth and development! (Wink!!)

Heidi said...

Wait...I thought we were your family!...Oh! you mean your future family ! ....... lol ...tired mommy, two shifts down, one to go. Off to sleep now. Busy nights in the ER...serving my family $ and saving lives while my little Sister Mccall saves souls. Keep up the good work!

Elle Jane said...

I mean all of my family! Time for the post titled "my mom is my hero!"