Truth On Earth!

Sister Valentine and I just watched a 20 minute version of this movie with a woman we have been teaching for a few weeks.  At first she said to us "Well sure, I guess we can watch the movie but in 15 or 20 minutes I have to leave to go pick a little boy up from school, so this better go quick!"  As soon as we put the dvd in she said "That isn't going to work! The sound hasn't been going through for a few weeks now" We knew that it was divine inspiration that we even found this dear lady at home this afternoon and we had planned to share the video with her. We were not going to give up because of a technology malfunction! Sister Valentine fidgeted with a few wires and It looked like she reached over and unplugged it.  Needless to  say, it worked!  The sound resumed on the TV and we were able to share this incredible movie with her about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith.

The miracle of this day, there was nothing special about how Sister Valentine went about fixing the plugs and cords. She and I were both at that moment saying a prayer in our hearts, pleading that she would be able to fix the dvd player so that we could share this touching video with her.

I know that God answered our righteous desires because  this sweet lady needed the message we shared. When it came to the climax of the movies, the vision that Joseph Smith had of God the Father and Jesus Christ she had the biggest grin on her face and she was just gasping in delight at the beauty of it. She told us afterwards, "How sad it is that people reject this because it is good and it is from God!" She just bore this simple sweet testimony that she knows God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith.

I want to invite anyone who reads this to take 20 minutes and go to the link above, or even better, this video below is only an hour. Watchi  it. Pay attention to how you feel as you watch it. And Pray to ask God to Know that it is true. Absolutely anyone can receive the witness that this woman we are teaching has had. This is true. God has restored His church through His prophet!!!

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