Commitment Issues

I've been setting a lot of goals for myself recently for long term desires (like maybe getting a master's degree) and also for daily things I want to work on (like really actually getting up at 6:30 every morning).  But my question is, what is the point of making these goals if I'm not wholeheartedly working towards them?
My motivators

We had Zone Conference on Wednesday (basically a meeting for about 12 missionaries in the area with our Mission President) and the theme was commitment. A vital part of missionary work is extending invitations to everyone we meet. What kind of invitations you ask? Well they are simple. Things like "will you join us at church this Sunday?" or "will you read this chapter in the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true?"
These commitments are so important because they give people the opportunity to make a change in their life to come closer to Christ. One person we just asked to find her husband some nice pants so that he will feel comfortable coming back to church! See, its just small steps. And we all can take them.

I rededicated myself to missionary work and as a reminder I framed a picture from the Ensign of missionaries and wrote the question,
"Today am I doing my work, or am I doing the work of the Lord?"
Yep. It's hard. But I've signed up for 18 months of full time service and I need to remember why I'm doing it!

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Eva Marie Mobley said...

Sister McCall, I think what you are doing is absolutely powerful and amazing, spreading the word of God through your mission, blog, and creativity. You keep up the GREAT work!!!!