All That Glitters

Ok world, time for me to share.

During Sunday School about a month ago I was on a wild rampage to find every scripture I could that mentioned jewels, crown, mansions, rubies. Sparkles and treasures. You name it. I wanted the verse. For a second I can apologize to Sister Jackie Owens for not being 100% focused on the lesson, but I really like what came out of that time. A combination of scripture, words and rhythms from Garrett Sherwood's poetry, and a sincere excitement at what lies ahead in the heavens inspired this work.

For your own study on eternal things that glitter try out some of the verses that inspired this poem

6 sweet messages:

Anonymous said...

I will forgive you if you are spending your time into the scriptures.
Love ya

Heidi said...

Oooooooohhhhhh Elle!
That's byooooofulll!!! Very Very byoooooooful!!!
You are my sparkle ;-)
I treasure you.
Love now and eternally forever.

Alexander Barton said...

This is really neat! Isn't it cool how the scriptures themselves can inspire us to write, to create, to achieve? This poem is certainly a creative achievement. It's wonderful.

:cassia marie: said...

that's wonderful, i love it! totally sharing that cuz i love it sooooo much!!
ps, joey served with sherwood.... isn't that a fun fact?!

Elle Jane said...

Whoa! Cassia that's a super cool fun fact! Kristin knows him from school and has just sent me some of his poems.
And thank you Elder Barton!

Kristin said...

Oh that is super cool! I was wondering how Cassia knew him! And I love your poem and I saw it and liked it on Cassia's facebook :)