I'm Just a Broken Bird

The first time I saw this video on the Mormon YouTube Channel I knew it would be one of my favorites. At first it could have been the accent in George's voice that woke up the Anglophile not so deep inside me. Or it could have been the beautiful owls and falcons that he has rescued and brought back to health. What really made this clip a keeper to me however is the testimony shared of Christ's redeeming Atonement.

"When I was a bit of an idiot nobody put me down"

How grateful I am that in my own life this has been true. My family and friends didn't give up on me when I was a bit of an idiot. Instead they continued in faith and patience to live as examples for me. They encouraged me to take my solace in Christ and find joy in repentance. Now it's my turn to be the rock for others. It's my turn to bring others to Christ and rescue them the way that George has saved these beautiful wild creatures.

"He became my best friend, and He still is today.
I've let Him down many a time, but He's never let me down,
and I know for a fact He never will, and He's there for anyone who wants Him."

"You don't give up on them just because they've injured themselves."

3 sweet messages:

Carin said...

OK your turn!! LOVED that video! so very sweet!! Thanks for sharing....brought tears to my eyes. Love you Sista'!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your thoughts...I will read them daily for encouragement! Chris K.

:cassia marie: said...

thanks elle