I Love Hymn, I Love Hymn Not

What happens when you've had a really spiritual experience reading from the Book of Mormon with your friends and you realize there are just 10 minutes before you have to be home, but you don't want to kill the spirit by just getting up and leaving right at that moment?
You turn to your companion and she suggests, "We could sing a hymn."

[Insert an acapella version of three women singing How Great Thou Art. Not necessarily in tune or all in the same key]

Then leave with a prayer and tears in your eyes.
This is the formula for a perfect evening.

As I've been pondering what else I could say about the power of music and how I feel the Spirit nothing have come out right. I simply cannot find the words to describe it. I 've heard an analogy that explaining feelings of the Holy Ghost is like trying to tell a person what salt tastes like. It's just an experience that you have to figure out yourself, and then you'll recognize it forever.

So due to my lack of ability to figure out these feelings I've found some quotes from the Prophet and some Apostles in hopes that one will speak to you.

Also here is a moment where I shared the gift of song with some very dear friends on the day of their baptisms. Its taken me a long time to be brave enough to sing solos (or in this case a duet) in front of a group of people. So even though it's not a picture, this is a milestone to put something like this on the internet so I'm including this as a BIG embrace moment.

President Thomas S. Monson
Music can help you draw closer to your Heavenly Father. It can be used to educate, edify, inspire, and unite. However, music can, by its tempo, beat, intensity, and lyrics, dull your spiritual sensitivity. You cannot afford to fill your minds with unworthy music.

President Boyd K. Packer
When temptation comes, you can invent a delete key in your mind—perhaps the words from a favorite hymn. Your mind is in charge; your body is the instrument of your mind. When some unworthy thought pushes into your mind, replace it with your delete key. Worthy music is powerful and can help you control your thoughts.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks
The music of sacrament meeting is a vital part of our worship. The scriptures teach that the song of the righteous is a prayer unto the Lord ( D&C 25:12). The First Presidency has declared that “some of the greatest sermons are preached by the singing of hymns” (Hymns, ix). How wonderful when every person in attendance joins in the worship of singing—especially in the hymn that helps us prepare to partake of the sacrament. All sacrament meeting music requires careful planning, always remembering that this music is for worship, not for performance.

President James E. Faust
Many prayers are spoken while we are on our knees. The Savior knelt as He prayed to the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane. But silent prayers of the heart also reach to heaven. We sing, “Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, Uttered or unexpressed.” Sincere prayers come from the heart. Indeed, sincerity requires that we draw from the earnest feelings of our hearts when we pray rather than using vain repetitions or pretentious affectations such as those condemned by the Savior in the parable of the Pharisee and the publican. Our prayers then truly become the “song of the heart” and “a prayer,” not only reaching God but touching the hearts of others as well.

Make wholesome music of all kinds a part of your life. Then learn what sacred music has to do with revelation.  Secular music may be inspiring in a classical or popular sense, but it will not prepare your mind to be instructed by the Spirit as will sacred music. The Apostle Paul counseled the Ephesians to “be filled with the Spirit; speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.”Eph. 5:18–19;

I'm so clever when it comes to blog titles. Har har har! The truth is I pretty much love ALL hymns!

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:cassia marie: said...

you're amazing elle. and you're so right, hymns are wonderful. more often than not i start crying when singing them, i just find the words and music so powerful.

Kristin said...

Is that me in that picture! I am so very flattered! I love music too! Because we're twins. :)

Elle Jane said...

Uh, YEAH THAT'S YOU! Can't you tell your own self in a picture?
At Moonstone???
That was the day we went with Sarah Lindquist.

Kristin said...

Yes I can! I was just checking that it wasn't you because we look so much alike! Because we're twins! Yes I totally remember that day and washing oatmeal off of our faces with dirty fish water. :)

Elle Jane said...

Uh, only Sarah did that. We were more normal that day. Somehow.

Kristin said...