Keep It Clean

So with all the Olympic talk going around on the internet I'm a little sad that I couldn't watch Michael Phelps swim his final race or see a man with two prosthetic legs run faster than I could ever imagine to get this body to move. But I have a focus right now. I have a purpose. And thanks to technology I can always catch up with those things later. And in fact in a few short months when I go home those things will be old news. Something else will be the talk of the town.

Right now I'm involved in something I could never miss. A chance that will never come again. In four years there will be a new American hero diving into pools. There will always be more talent to be seen. But I will never again have time to devote my full attention to the Lord's work. I only get 18 months for that.

This video depicting Elder Holland's talk from last October's General Conference has some similarities. It talks about lines that I had to stay within to get here, much like those incredible athletes have to abide by to get where they are today.

Although this talk is directed for young men preparing to serve full time missions like I am right now, the principles taught in it are applicable to everyone. Literally EVERYONE. God's commandments will make us free and happy. Sometimes it can be awkward to talk about sexual sins and boundaries and I know a lot of parents probably worry how they will approach the subject with their children. How grateful I am to know that God's standards never change. And when I eventually have children I will teach them how following His commandments has been a blessing in my life and will be everthing they need to succeed in this life and the next.  I hope you enjoy this video. I absolutely love it.

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