Better Than A Fairytale

Excuse this interruption of regularly scheduled marquee posts for some thoughts that have to do with dragons, thrones, and once upon a times:

you may refer to me as princess elle if you like. i will make no objections

Moments that I've treasured most on my mission have been times when my companion and I teach families with children. There is something so precious and sacred about a child's understanding of God and their relationship with Him. Earlier this year when we were teaching the Sanchez family in Mayfield sweet little Anthony had a very concerned look on his face. He had been going to church semi-regularly with his grandma and he didn't feel welcome there. I asked him why and his response was that the teachers of the classes don't believe in things like princes and princesses. My heart just broke for a minute as this little boy was so sincere.

To testify to him that he is right, that being a son of God makes him a prince was the crowning (yes, cheesy pun intended) moment of my day. Anthony knew the truth and he was searching for someone to validate it, to help him recognize HOW to be a prince in God's kingdom.

He sure asked the right person because I am #1 obsessed with fairy tales, happily ever afters, and anything that has to do with a sparkly tiara on top of perfectly curled hair. I think that all of us have a desire to believe in something mystical and "make believe" because like Anthony we know that some part of it just has to be true.

the salt lake temple is just one of the beautiful castles that we have built to be in the presence of our King

Here are some elements of stories that I've found gospel comparisons to:

Dragons, Unicorns, and Giants* Um hello, they're all over in the Old Testament! Sadly unicorn is a misinterpretation and dragons were really just poisonous snakes. But the giants were real! We know all about Goliath and there are also mentions of Emims, Anakims, and Zamzummims. Great names. Weird enough to be in a fantasy book.

Happily Ever After* Eternal life with our family and closest friends in the presence of our Heavenly Father is the happiest ending I could ever imagine! And it comes true! We work long and hard in this part of the story and the ending is greater than the climax of all our struggles.

Royalty* We are daughters and sons of the most high God. That makes us divine Princesses and Princes with the ability to one day become queens and kings. Man that is some awesome potential we each have!

Hero's Journey* In high school I took a global mythology class and we learned about the pattern found in most myths, legends, and fantasy stories called the hero's journey. It is a cyclical pattern that takes the protagonist through a trial where he faces many trials and obstacles yet he cannot succeed without the help of a mentor. Our time on Earth is just like that. We are given load upon load of opposition and we can only overcome it with the support of our Savior Jesus Christ. The ultimate Mentor! Luckily we get some tools along the way like scriptures written by prophets, prayer, and the blessing of an organized church.


My brain could probably babble on for days about wonderland and magic dust but I'm going to spare you the time and leave you with what's written so far. I know that I personally am so enthralled by all things mystical and magical because I know the truth. I know that God's grace and our Savior's Atonement is better than any fairytale or story out there. And I am preparing myself for the day that I'll get to inherit my Father's kingdom. Also I'm so happy that you're all along for the ride! See you there!

If you want to read more you can check out this talk by Elder Uchtdorf (quoted in the picture above)

Embrace the camera and see yourself as God sees you!

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