Nature Walk

At 6:26 every morning the most annoying sound in the world happens. You think I'm kidding. You know the moment on Dumb & Dumber where Lloyd claims he can make the most annoying sound in the world? My alarm clock is like that, but 382 times worse. I've had several companions threaten to break it into a billion tiny pieces. You see it's got wheels on it. All-terrain-run-around-until-you-are-awake-enough-to-get-up-and-turn-it-off wheels. And the sounds. My goodness. Think of an alarm mixed with R2D2 and alien children giggling. So bizarre.

Why am I filling you in on the details of this white robotic monster of death? Because it's the thing that gets my day going. My companions and I groggily pull on some socks and tattered sneakers and head out for our run. We've been doing this every day for half an hour for a week and a half! Ok, its short, but be proud of me for a second. Part of the fun of living with a crazy Fijian girl is the way she runs in the morning. I'm usually half awake trying to pull myself up the hill, Sister Valentine is treking right up ahead of me with some impressive endurance...then there is Sister Ratuvukivuki. She seems normal at first. Running forward with her fast long strides...and then all of a sudden she's doing spins and standing on a park bench singing "Figaro Figaro Figaro!!" Sometimes she takes excursions under low hanging branches of trees. We've come to call those "nature walks" (can you read that with a Fijian trying to be Australian accent?)

Although all of you can't have an Islander of your own, I do want you to take part in the ages old camp tradition of taking a nature walk! If you  have an iPod or some other form of MP3 player your challenge is this: Download the talk Mountains to Climb and load it into your little impressive machine that plays music. Next, strap on your sturdiest walking shoes and head out to take a hike! You can do it in your neighborhood, at a park, or on a real mountain. The only requirement is that it MUST BE OUTSIDE! No nature walks through the mall ok? For the 19 minute duration of the talk, walk at a brisk pace and get your blood pumping. After you've listened and been spiritually rejuvenated spend the next 19 minutes of your walk looking around you at the beautiful creations that God has given us.

When you get home, or back to the car take a moment and sit down with your journal. Write about the things you experienced on this outing. What are some of your mountains? How can you make your foundation unshakeable? This is a real exercise campers. I want your body moving and your brain thinking! Report back with some experiences you had on your walk/journal session. Bonus points to any camper that can find a scripture about hiking :)

Now stop reading and TAKE A HIKE!

2 sweet messages:

Kristin said...

I'll be taking my hike later, and I'll report but I used my scripture study time to find some hiking scriptures: Mosiah 15:15-18 and Song of Solomon 2:8 I need the bonus points to catch up!

CoolMormonKid said...

I'm going to do this first thing tomorrow morning! I'll report back tomorrow and let you know how it went!