Songs For The Season

So this year Christmas is going to be unique. I've never had one like it in the past and there never will be one like it in the future.

My life as I've known it up to this point has been a ball of crafty-creative-bits-of-thread-and-felt-mess. My fingers are ususally covered in some kind of ink or paint or tie-dye or pencil lead. When I think of talents that I want to share with other people it's my artistic side that I feel I can share best. Christmastime is when I'm feeling it most because there is nothing than I love more than to make gifts by hand for those I love.

A few days ago I was struggling because I've chosen not to focus on that for an entire year and a half.  There will be no long nights at the sewing machine to get all of the pieces thrown together and there will be no hidden handmade treasures stashed in a corner to hide from my family until Christmas morning. There are some small ways for me to express my right brained side, but not with the full devotion that I once had the time to do. What I am learning is how to develop other talents. My weak things are becoming strong.

I'm all about encouraging people to spend time on art, to learn a new craft, or to try out a new fascinating hobby. Right now though I'm all about developing my ability to open my mouth to testify of truth.  The gift that I want to give everyone this season is a chance to grow closer to the Savior.  My heart is in an imaginary box under a figurative tree for Christ this holiday season.

What's interesting is that as I've been writing this blog post the words I was planning didn't come out. Apparently my fingers know something that my brain hasn't quite figured out yet. I made this small playlist of Christmas songs that have been my favorites. I hope that as you listen to them and ponder the real meaning of Christmas you can decide to make this holiday more meaningful in your own family.

One of my absolute favorite Christmas songs is Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel by Brightwood and I couldn't find it to share on this playlist :( but that little link should take you to where you can hear it!

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Kristin said...

My dear Sis. McCall! I am glad that this is your post because I'm excited for Christmas and last week I drug my craftyness out of a corner and decided to make a crafty present for you in your honor. So start getting excited it will blow your mind! (Hopefully) Also I've been listening to Owl City Christmas songs. Even on your mission we're pretty much twins.