I'm A Mormon

I just saw this video yesterday of Norman Tolk and I had to share it!
Last weekend we attended the 25th annual presentation of the Messiah by The Nashville Community Choir and it was so incredible. is the best website to go to if you have questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. There are lots of these fun videos where members of the church tell a little about themselves and why their faith is so important. They are great because there is so much debate out there in the world right now about what it is to be Mormon and they give everyone a glimpse into the life of some pretty awesome people.

2 sweet messages:

Heidi said...

Well I can't watch your video by Tolk yet because Charly is asleep but the choir webpage is amazing! I really miss singing with a choir :-( What a lot of amazing experiences you are having. Lucky girl.

Naomi Campbell said...

This is such an awesome video! I love the new I'm a Mormon videos they are coming out with. I love his passion for music. What a sweet man. Thanks for sharing Sister McCall!!