Mix It Up!

We had a district wide exchange for Monday and Tuesday this week. I went to Bellevue to serve with Sister Koford! We had a great time with lotssssss of walking. We do exchanges to mix up companionships a little so we get more opportunities to learn about missionary work. It's easy to get set in our ways of doing things. I think that's pretty much true about anything. We came up with a little tag line of what we learned together, "Different isn't bad, it's just different!"

Here we are along part of our mega journey. We had some wonderfully helpful members who drove us to appointments in the evening but during the day we used these great things called feet! Want to know a cool fact about that great blue book I'm holding up? It works as a Kroger card! (Kroger is a southern grocery store) At the checkout line I told the cashier "If this book is true then it will give me a discount." I saved $6. So it's definitely true and I gave him a copy to keep.

All fall we've seen these weird greenish yellow balls along side of the road. Don't they look like a pile of giant tennis balls? When we got to our appointment we asked the family if they knew what they were. In steps wikipedia with the answers! The tree they come from is commonly known as a Hedge Apple tree and the green "fruit" part has bug repellent qualities! They are super sticky so I don't plan on rubbing them on my skin any time soon but it was fun to learn about some of the local vegetation.

Lesson learned in the south: don't expect any of the streets to make sense. We were really grateful to have Sister Koford's GPS with us for this adventure! It's nice to be back in the Old Hickory area again with Sister Jasper but it sure was fun to experience a different area and see how the work just goes on no matter where I may be!

3 sweet messages:

Katie Koford said...

It was so fun to be able to be with you, Sister McCall.

Joy Valentine said...

Ha! Sounds like the two of you had a lot of fun! And yes, I agree about the street signs. Yay for mixing up missionary work!

Karen said...

It is so great to be able to learn so much from those around us! And I am glad your back in Old Hickory too!! :)