Giving Thanks Today!

I am a traditionalist.
Holidays are the most important thing to me ever.

But somehow it's Thanksgiving that gets completely abandoned. Thrown under a bus with no consideration from the Holiday Fairies. I've only been home once in November in the last 6 years. Even as a little kid I would trade off holidays with my Mom and Dad's families. It's Thanksgiving that has helped me to be adaptable and find family wherever I am. Here's a few clips from National Eating Day of years past:

In 2009 I went to help out the Christensen's in Boise with their holiday workload and we celebrated meatless style! (Ok, I cheated a little bit and made some chicken for myself). It was so much fun to work together on all of the dishes and to create fun memories together.

2006 was my first year in college and I had no idea what to expect for any of the holidays. All I knew was that I had no way to get home and my roommate Jaimee was awesome. We went to her parent's house in Eastern Idaho and worked off our meal in the most unique way we could think of. It was also my only experience in black friday shopping. Not something I would repeat.

Fall of 2008 I was fed up with just about everything and I went with my friends on a ride home. 16 hours in the car. Both ways. But it was worth it! My favorite Thanksgiving tradition that I DID get to do was making gumdrop turkeys with my Grandma and my little sisters.

2011 Is going to be a different story altogether. There will be no road trips home and no long distance phone calls with my family. But I do have family right here in Nashville. The members of the church here have embraced me and Sister Jasper with loving arms and welcomed us into their homes for the celebration. I'm excited for the many chances that I will have to share a message of gratitude for my Savior with these families. It's the gospel traditions in my life that are really the most imporant ones.

What are you grateful for this year?
Since I've been so long winded about everything else, here is a link to my list from last year!

1 sweet messages:

Heidi said...

Sweet potatoes, check
Mashed potatoes, check
Cranberry-orange relish, check
Rolls, rising
Girls, showering
Longshores @ Katy's
Uncle Paul, working
Gumdrop turkeys, later today
James, Florida
Chelsea, Ohio
Elle, Tennessee
Charly, sleeping...and on call
Over the river and through the woods as soon as the rolls come out of the oven.
Reading your blog while I wait and shedding a tear. I love you and am so proud of you.
I am thankful for clean water, electricity and YOU!