You Know You're A Missionary When...

1. You keep teaching even in your sleep.

(An Elder that I met at the MTC who just about passed out tired in the grass!)

2. When your dreams are about music you used to listen to you wake up thinking it was a nightmare

(These cute girlies sang Taylor Swift songs to us one day and then they made sure both T-Swift dolls had their steatbelts on!)

3. The Prophet of the Restoration movie sounds like a great date night activity for when you get home.

(Plus I found this blog about a girl who loves this movie as much as I do!)

4. Every bad day can be fixed with a quick trip to Menchies!

(They may possibly know us by name now. And not because of our nametags)

5. You go to a wedding/baptism/event where other people are dressed nice and you think "Crap I forgot to dress up for today" then you remember you wear a skirt 90% of the week.

(We were even dressed up for when we met Zac Efron!)

3 sweet messages:

Katrina said...

This is hilarious!!!!! Cause it's so true!!!

Maria Warwood said...

Both Cassandra and Marie are dressing up as Taylor Swift this year and I completely understand the dressing up thing. Thanks for posting this, you just made me happy!

Sabrina Miller said...

Cassandra and Ashlyn were so happy to get to sing to both of you that day! I hope they brightened your day then as much as they brighten my day now. Miss you and have fun in Nashville!