It's Gonna Take WORK!

Its been a while since I've had a chance to read Emily Anderson's blog, I just love that family so much! Since today is Thursday I have to join in on her weekly "embrace the camera" posts. A great part of my week was visting Timmy! The first Sunday of every month at our church is a bit different from the rest. Instead of having a regular planned program anyone who wants to share their testimony of the gospel of Christ can go up to the podium and share it with the rest of us.

Timmy gets up every month to share something that has strengthened his faith. This last time he shared his feelings on Elder Holland's talk from General Conference. He shared a very personal testimony of the importance of missionary work and echoed the call of Elder Holland for each young man to prepare himself to be worthy to serve a full time mission. We went over to Timmy's house that evening to thank him for his loving boldness and the man sure loves having a picture taken with his missionaries! Another fun thing, if you haven't heard the new cd The Work by the Nashville Tribute Band you better give it a listen! Timmy's favorite song is #8. Work. We dedicate it to him every time we sing along to it :)

I love having a little weekly reminder to share a picture from a great time in my week. What are you up to this week? Get out there and embrace the camera!!

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(I love embrace the camera and the andersons too!)
Sweet story about your visits.
: )