5 Reasons Why I'm a Timelord

Ready for Sister McCall to go all nerdy on you? You better be! This is a mega blog post because I just got so dang excited about it!
Some of you may know that I am a big time super fan of Doctor Who. I came up with this list of comparisons between myself and the Doctor yesterday during my scripture study time. The similarities between us are pretty incredible. Except I only have one heart.

1. I regenerate. Different interests. Different clothing. Same person.

One thing I was worried about when I left on my mission was how I would stay myself when I couldn't do any of the things that I was used to. I have come to understand that it is ok to be myself despite the change in clothes and time schedule. Elle is still in there! What I have the chance to do is focus on the needs of other people. As I help them accept the gospel of Jesus Christ I understand it better myself and I polish off some of those rough edges that I'm really much better without.

2. I pop up at odd times in people's lives with a blue box to help them. And yes. It's bigger on the inside. This one holds eternal life. Pretty cool huh? Sometimes I have wanted my own Tardis to be able to travel through the time and space continuum, but I'll happily settle for this blue book that holds the record of 1,000 years of history and scripture. Get your own mini Tardis here for free!!

3. I travel with a companion 24/7.

4. Sometimes time and distance separate me from people that I love. I meet people along my journey that I might not get to see again but they are always close to my heart.

I was so sad to leave the first area I served. Hopkinsville Kentucky will have a piece of my heart forever! I left some best friends behind when I had to go.

5. I have been known to wear a fez.

(This one may be a bit of a stretch. But the rest are good reasons am I right?)

2 sweet messages:

Carin said...

love the post Elle!!! I can't wait to see where in time and space your TARDIS will pop up next :-)

Sister Anderson said...

All I can say is... FANTASTIC.