Thursday Happies!

OOOOOOOk! Time to make a list of thankfuls and things that made me so so happy these past few weeks! On Sunday we went to a birthday party lunch for a family at church. I can't hear the sound in this video because I'm at the computer lab at the library, but here is the best card EVER that B got for his birthday. Doesn't it just make you so happy?? A DINGO ATE YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

Hrmph. I put the video on here and it was messing everything up. And now it won't load. So sad! Some day I'll go a-youtube hunting again to share the card. But until then, here's a picture of my best friends.

Speaking of best friends, my best friend K sent me a letter this week that was..wait for it....16 pages long!!! I haven't really heard from her at all since I left on my mission 4 months ago and I was thrilled to get an envelope stuffed with wonderful pages of letter! Missionaries crave mail. It's the sustenance that keeps us going. False. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and my understanding of the Plan of Salvation are what really keep me going. But mail is really super awesome.
I don't have a picture of the massive letter, so one of us together will have to do!

This picture of my ADORABLE brother L. Isn't he just the sweetest?? I love my family so much and I've only been able to meet this little one a few times. Being on a mission has taught me just how important families are!

We went to the Nashville Temple last week! When I walked into the temple I felt the stress and frustration I've had for a long time disappear. For a few hours I was completely free of that weight. This picture is fun because we were looking up at a bird that was perched on the Angel Moroni's trumpet, but it looks as if we're gazing heavenward. So much joy!

Have you ever made mini popsicles out of soda in an ice cube tray with brite crawlers as the popsicle stick? I highly recommend it. They are delicious and make lots of good memories and giggles. Ah! And the word for giggle in Spanish is "risilla" learned that one recently!

I keep thinking about this sign that's back home at our institute building. I just wish sometimes that people would walk up to the church just begging to be taught! But that's not how the work goes. Actually, sometimes it does! A few months ago a woman walked into the church building on a Sunday thinking, "hey this might be a nice place to attend church!" She was quickly introduced to missionaries and she was baptized two weeks ago! Is that a miracle or what?

And the most exciting wonderful cherry on the top of the month thing ever??? New music to listen to!!! Have you ever heard of the Nashville Tribute Band? They have these three wonderful CDs each with a theme about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. One is Joseph, about the prophet Joseph Smith and the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The second is called Trek, about the pioneers and the sacrifices they made as they crossed the plains. The newest, Work, is all about missionaries and what it's like for us to leave our families for 18-24 months to devote all of our efforts to the Lord. Keep on reading because I'm pretty sure I'll have more to say about this music.

So, overall, things are so great. The work is hard but the blessings are amazing!

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