Hit The Books, They Don't Hit Back

I know that most schools have started or will be starting up here in just a few days and I want to throw in my thoughts on education. This picture was taken on a day that took forever in coming. It's the day that I earned my Bachelor's Degree!

Why is it important to get an education? I highly suggesting reading this talk by Elder and Sister Oaks about the importance of further education. I thought that after I had that cap and gown in the picture above I'd be done. My official piece of paper saying that I'd slaved 4 years away was tucked safely behind a piece of glass and it was time for me to go on my merry way with life. What I didn't really have was a solid spiritual education. Think about this quote from the talk I just told you to read:
"We risk becoming what one observer called ‘pancake people’—spread wide and thin as we connect with that vast network of information accessed by the mere touch of a button.”
When is the last time that you picked up a book just to develop a skill? Have you taken the chance to just dive into something and really get to know that skill inside and out? How about the scriptures? When was the last time you pulled out The Bible or The Book of Mormon and truely "feasted upon the word"?

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Lets not be "pancake people" but rather...muffin people? Solid in understanding and not spread thin!

Yep, it's a cheesy analogy but an apostle of the Lord used it in a quote so I thought it was a fair comparison to make ;)
My oh my what a mission has taught me about studying the scriptures! My testimony has grown because I have come to understand basic principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ instead of thinking that my religon was all about abstaining from coffee or tea or not watching rated R movies. What's the point of doing or not doing those things if my testimony of Christ is not strong? I have those standards because I love the Lord and I want my focus to be on Him.

Check back soon for my favorite scriptures about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!

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:cassia marie: said...

i LOVE that! thanks for sharing!

michael ann said...

Oh elle I love this! Just today I sat down and read a book for the first time in far too long and it was so nice! I've definitely been feeling very pancakey this past little bit and am going to try and plump myself up, haha :) also I might have finally put something in the mail for you... ;)

Elyssa said...

education is so incredibly important, whether it's a formal one or not. thank you for reminding me that using my education in the Lord's plan is so much more important than that paper i get with it. also i'm glad we were able to share that important day in our educations. i love you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thoughts Sister McCall!